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An afternoon of vocal improvisation with Bob Stoloff -Febr 24th 2013, Muziekhuis Utrecht (NL)

Bits and pieces of a very special afternoon I set up with vocal improvisation facilitated by Bob Stoloff. What a man! What a joy to sing together with great singers such as Denise Jannah, Paulien van Schaik, Winanda van Vliet, Herman van Doorn, Heleen van den Hombergh, Ilse Huizinga, Nicoline Snaas and Lis Harting.

In part six we set up and develop a 'summit song', using different hand signatures and stops. Part 1-5 can be found on Youtube

Vocal improvisation by Ineke van Doorn. SJU Jazz Fest 2009. SJU jazzpodium Utrecht, the Netherlands

In 2009 I was invited by the SJU Jazz Fest to perform a solo concert. Here you can find three excerpts.

Little choral (Ineke van Doorn)

Ja ja ja (Ineke van Doorn)

Kwart (Ineke van Doorn)

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